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What AirBnB and HomeAway Need is Loyalty standard

Before we delve into the topic, you may have noticed me being somewhat absent the last few months. There was a reason for that. Now that the quiet period is over, I can write a little bit more. It’s been an interesting ride to see an IPO from this side. Expect lots more excitement to come! Now, that said, I had the opportunity to do the AirBnB thing a couple of times this year. This is a great model for taking advantage of excess housing supply and is turning out to be quite disruptive to the hospitality space. Like Uber and Lyft for taxi-like services, AirBnB is marrying up property owners with extra space with travelers who need a place to stay. My ...

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September 2015 Roundup standard

Cooler weather and horrible flooding seem to be topping the news lately. My thoughts are with any of you who are affected. For information on how you can help, and I urge you all to do so, check out this page on We just wrapped up the PCI North American Community Meeting in Vancouver last week. Some of you may have remember me saying that last year was my last year. Alas, I was mistaken. That said, I hope everyone who went sends in their feedback. Frankly, I found the content (with the exception of Tim Horton’s talk) mundane and rehashed, almost to the point of being insulting. Next year may provide some relief as it is a release ...

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