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Samsung Pay is Here standard

The first major challenge to Apple Pay is now here (I’m not counting the Google Wallet as it predates Apple Pay). While I hate the name (seriously Samsung? You accuse Apple of copying you all the time), there is a very cool technology (Thanks LoopPay) that allows for some backwards compatibility that is not present with Apple Pay. These features are part of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Couple of key highlights: There are two method of payment, Contactless EMV using Near Field Communications (NFC) and Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST). MST is backwards compatible with (most) existing terminals and will transmit payment information by creating a field that the magnetic stripe reader can interpret. As far as the ...

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On Self-Driving Cars standard

What could possibly disrupt the great wheeled livery disruptor Uber? Self-driving cars can certainly take a chunk of money away from them for those of us who have cars, but use Uber to take us around when we go out with friends. It won’t topple Uber like they have toppled taxis, but it will pull some share. Self-driving cars and other livery are the focus of much debate in a number of different circles. Unions, lawmakers, citizens, and technologists all have opinions on the viability of the technology. To be clear, I love the concept. I think the technology has a ton of promise, much like many other things that technology companies are contributing to the automotive industry. But much like other ...

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August 2015 Roundup standard

Phew, summer is almost over. The kids are all going back to school and we’re getting back into our normal traffic patterns around our homes, schools, and favorite coffee shops. I got to do something extremely cool last month. I went to Space Camp—yes, the very same in Huntsville that every single kid who grew up in the 80s and was fascinated with rockets begged their parents to go to. It was amazing. If you get the opportunity to go as an adult for the weekend or as a family, take it! Even though the Shuttle is no longer in operation, it was so cool to sit on the flight deck and do missions. Here’s what you folks liked the ...

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