In the latest round of “I just don’t get it” moments from Mary Ann Davidson of Oracle, a blog post escaped the PR department that just explains how ridiculous her views on information security are. Thankfully, the Internet never forgets. Before going any further, go read that post.

Fight Club, by Polina Sergeeva

Fight Club, by Polina Sergeeva

Then when you are done, enjoy this previous gem where she insults anyone who has ever performed an audit function. And here are my comments from 2011.

Davidson really wants to be considered a security person. She reminds me of Jerry Jones wanting to be known as a Football Man. She ran for and sits on the ISSA International Board of Directors. She has keynoted several conferences as a security expert. Yet, based on her actions, she may be one of the only security people I have ever interacted with that DOESN’T want to make her products more secure.

Frankly, this latest (deleted) blog post is a slap in the face to the security industry (and, indirectly, the ISSA as she is a representative), and the Twitters are not disappointing. I think my favorite (so far) is from @Oscaron, who tweets: “I read it in a Mean Girls ‘Stop trying to make fetch happen.’ voice”.

If Mary Ann Davidson wants to be seen as a security professional, she needs to embrace the very tenets we live by—not just the ones that are convenient for her to be chosen for a keynote or elected office. If this is how Oracle truly feels, then I fear for and pity their customer base. Let the breach train get rolling!

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