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Why 2013 is a Pivotal Year for PCI DSS standard

While I’ve been neck deep in Rails 3 and Paypal integrations (hint, it sucks if you just want to do a complete outsource) I took a few minutes to think about the impact that PCI DSS had on my architectural decision. I actually took the advice I give freely which is to completely outsource my payments for this small side project I am working on. Just like most businesses, I have come to hate credit cards—yet, as an individual I depend on them every single day. But we’re now in 2013, and it’s not just the ninth anniversary of PCI DSS with the fourth revision of the original 1.0 version. It’s the year of mobile POS (mPOS). Why, just this ...

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May 2013 Roundup standard

What was popular in May? It’s almost summer time! And of course, we have all kinds of horrific weather impacting parts of the country that many of us call home. I played an extra in a show about hackers (does this mean I need to join SAG?), and have been speaking to all kinds of companies about their products and services. I even spoke at a few shows and did a webcast! Here are the five most popular posts from the last month: How Starbucks is Revolutionizing Mobile (Micro) Payments. This post just won’t quit! It switched places with the next post from last month, but it’s still a big deal. You know how you see those crazy fools that ...

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No such file or directory, RVM and Rubies! standard

This is quite a diversion, but it’s something that I want documented and indexed by the G00gles of the world in case someone else has a problem like me. If you are not interested in Ruby, or Rails, or RVM, skip this and will see you later on in the week! I recently had an issue that stumped me (as well as the great folks in the #rvm channel on Freenode). In the process of setting up RVM, I initially made the mistake of doing it as root on a Debian (Squeeze) machine. Cautionary word, you are good playing with the system rubies provided by APT, but if you want to get to the bleeding edge, do all of your ...

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