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A few tips for getting ahead of PCI Compliance standard

The great guys at Tripwire found me outside of the bookstore at RSA Conference this year and wanted to have a quick chat about PCI Compliance! Check out the video below for a few tips that might be helpful for you as you continue your way down this journey. Possibly Related Posts: PCI DSS 4.0 Released plus BOOK DETAILS! PCI Council Loses $600K in Revenue, PO Population on the Decline Why PCI DSS 4.0 Needs to be a Complete Rewrite Orfei Steps Down Should you be a PCI Participating Organization?

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To Catch a Plagiarizer standard

I’m not a young pup anymore. Not that I’m nearing retirement anytime soon, but I find it amazing how much things have changed in the academic world since I first started my bachelors degree in 1996. I can’t prove it (yet), but I can almost guarantee that students in grades six through twelve have no real experience or knowledge of encyclopedias. I remember being envious of friends of mine who had those books in their houses. All that knowledge right at their fingertips, and here I was going to the library, LIKE A SUCKER! Now that I am working on my third spin as a student through the academic world (just under eight years from my last exit as a ...

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February 2013 Roundup standard

What was popular in February, now a few days late? If you missed RSA Conference this year in San Francisco, you missed a conference full of people charged with defense. Forget the buzzwords you heard and focus on where we are going as an industry. HOW EXCITING! Check back later this week for a post that has my presentations from RSAC. Here are the five most popular posts from the last month: How Starbucks is Revolutionizing Mobile (Micro) Payments. For the second month in a row, this post is DOMINATING the stats. You know how you see those crazy fools that pass their phone in front of some magical sensor at Starbucks and never seem to pull out their wallet, ...

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