Man, there sure are some rockstars in our industry, aren’t there? But what about the near opposite? The troll!

Trolls tend to get a bad rap. We think of the little short guy guarding passage to a bridge or the Internet commenter relying on anonymity to protect his vicious stream of vitriol from causing him physical harm. Trolls sometimes might be considered gadflies, but there are two sides to that coin. On the positive side, trolls can adapt to situations under stress and tend to be well connected into many influential communities. They’re not stupid—they tend to be intelligent and use their skills to get people to think about tough issues by presenting a different perspective. Their effectiveness depends on their self-awareness and interactions.

In general, people are savvy to the ways of the troll and are wary of them. They heed the warning, “Don’t Feed the Trolls” (DFTT), since “feeding” you information or otherwise inciting you focuses your unwanted attention – and your potentially dark ways – on them.

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