Cyber-Ark has released a new study (article on ars technica) suggesting that 88% of IT workers would steal data if fired.

Every 88 in 100 IT employees would steal data if they were shown the door. That’s more than the 4 out of 5 dentists that recommend chewing Trident after meals!

I’m not sure who they were polling, but it sure makes IT folks look like a bunch of criminals. At a minimum it does reinforce one point that often shows up in my presentations. At the end of the article, we learn that every third administrator would write down an administrative password. Administrators are often the worst offenders when it comes to breaking security policies and procedures.

This is why data security is so important. With proper security, you could easily remove the ability for 86 of those 88 folks to walk out the door with decrypted data. With good network controls, you could also prevent it from leaving the premises BEFORE a firing would occur. And as we know, once the data walks out the door, the lawsuits usually come directly following.

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