So you all know (well the three of you that read this… Hi Mom!) that I am headed to Australia this week. I was doing my traditional pre-flight checklists to make sure that I had everything I needed before I started packing. Power converter? Check. Power supplies for devices? Check. Remove things that just add weight that you won’t need? Check. Log into my credit card account to make sure we’re good? DOH!

My card has been compromised AGAIN! The DAY BEFORE I am headed to Oz.

The new one is on its way (overnight now) but good gracious, talk about skidding across the finish line. Upside down. On fire. In eighteenth place.

This is the only piece that annoys me is the inconvenience. Irrespective of their internal beliefs, companies that come into contact with consumer data should still do whatever they can to protect it, even if consumers are relatively insulated from its effects (such as with credit card theft).

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