When I was flipping through some RSS feeds and saw this fantastic post from Gizmodo, I HAD to bring it here for discussion. Now keep in mind, this is a photographer’s artistic work, but it sure does open the door to other low tech ways to subvert security systems.

One of my personal favorites is the McGuyver style (sans chewing gum and dental floss) method of defeating magnetic lock doors with a balloon, tape, and a straw. Convenience says that we should not badge in AND out. Just on the way in is fine. On the way out, we’ll put sensors there so that the door will magically unlock for you. It’s the high tech version of the black treadmill mat looking thing at the grocery store that we kids always used to go jump on to make the door open.

And then came the footless shoe smacking me upside my head leaving me reeling, wondering how my mom can catch me getting in trouble when she is in the back of the store buying milk and beer.

After all, it is the breakfast of champions.

Anyway, with a little ingenuity (and some luck) we can get those heavy magnets to unlock from the outside of the door! No badge required!

What other kinds of hacks have you guys seen out there for defeating security systems?

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