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VeriSign wins “Best Security Company of the Year!” standard

Thanks SC Magazine! We’ve been recognized as the Best Security Company in 2008! Here’s the part of VeriSign that I represent! VeriSign’s Enterprise Security Group (ESG) provides a best of breed suite of solutions for global companies. Beginning with our iDefense Intelligence Service that provides detailed threat information in advance. Vendors are notorious for taking anywhere from 90-180 days to patch discovered vulnerabilities. iDefense can help you understand how to mitigate before patches are available. From there, our Managed Security Services (MSS) group provides some of the best managed security services to customers according to the Gartner Magic Quadrant. Why not let your security staff concentrate on adding real security value and outsource your security device management to us? Finally, ...

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Arrived at RSA! standard

Well, even the FAA’s nit picking couldn’t keep me away! I’m sitting at the InterContinental waiting for some associates. There’s a very interesting crowd here at the conference. I’m looking forward to getting out to the city later on! Possibly Related Posts: RSA Conference 2013, YOU READY!? New Security Services from EMC Consulting Enable Trusted IT GRC in the NextGen Data Center Trusting Identities in the Cloud Discover Your Security Persona at RSA Conference!

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The Cart Before the Horse (and you can too!) standard

Clement James writes about a security expert that slams PCI, stating that the breach in the news “was almost certainly the work of hackers exploiting a single code flaw on internal systems.” The expert goes on to say that “PCI takes a relaxed attitude towards internal machines.” While I agree that there is room for improvement on internal controls for PCI, remember, it’s not designed to protect your entire enterprise. It is a basline, and you should layer security on top. The challenge is this: not until the end of last year did we see a compliance validation rate exceeding 60% among Level 1 merchants. If you make the standard too hard, you will have little or no adoption. You ...

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