Todd Wilkens posted about his personal war against Blackberries this month. As a consultant, it is not only hard to conduct meetings (where we are getting paid by the hour) with customers when this happens, but I have been tempted to do the same thing as well! I think we all tune out at some point when it comes to meetings, especially those after lunch ones.

What I’m interested to know is if anyone has ever suffered a breach due to a lost blackberry. With the amount of scrutiny over email these days, I know that some caution is taken. That said, I also know that humans are lazy people and email is very pointy/clicky. I’ve seen executives forward extremely sensitive information via email to their Yahoo email accounts so they can work on it when they get home.

So as these computing devices get more ubiquitous, how much concern is there really out there related to a data breach, and what measures are you taking to mitigate that risk?

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