Well folks, it’s time. Yes, I’ve been running this blog for a whopping month or so, and I just want to see if anyone is reading. So far, the only comments that have been submitted are those for “Biagra” and some “Hot New Penny Stock” that promises to make me rich beyond my wildest dreams. While those are certainly enticing links, I think we could make this much more productive.

What I’m looking for is to play a game called “What Do Other Companies Do” (similar to “Spin the Topic Wheel” for any P1s out there). Essentially, I’d like you to email questions to TheSecurityBlog@gmail.com asking how other companies address various security practices. For example, “What do other companies do related to code review of applications?” For those of you interested, the short answer is “not much.”

There are a ton of good questions out there and we have a ton of inside knowledge we can share, so let’s get to discussing!

This post originally appeared on BrandenWilliams.com.

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