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The Social Media Ban standard

Attendees to the PCI Community Meeting in Vegas two weeks ago were treated to an interesting warning at the opening of the session. No social media or blogging during the meetings. I know that I picked up on it more than anyone else as I tweet and blog just a little. It didn’t take long for attendees to be warned about its use. During Bob’s opening remarks, he cautioned users not to tweet or live blog the events. The two-part irony behind the situation is that members of the press were welcomed into the meetings this year, and three of the five founding members of the council have embraced Twitter. Discover MasterCard (including four executives) American Express (albeit just a ...

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Ask the Council standard

Vegas is in the books, baby!  I’d call it a successful community meeting.  The networking opportunities were fantastic, and the sights were awesome ((including seeing Russo dress up like Elvis which I did not take a picture of… see Bob? I can play within the rules :).  More on the handling of social media later…. it was not handled well.)).  For those staying in THEhotel, we got to walk off calories consumed with the long walk from the room to the conference center that we made at least twice daily.  Of course, it is Las Vegas.  It’s REALLY hard to concentrate when you know that you don’t have to walk far to be bombarded by flashing lights, bells, whistles, and ...

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More on NRF’s Letter to PCI SSC, and the Wireless Network that Could standard

A couple of weeks ago, I jotted down a few thoughts on the letter from the NRF to the PCI-SSC about the PCI Standards. My post was a bit rant-ish, but Anton Chuvakin threw down a great review in his blog yesterday. The only point that I wanted to add a different opinion on is the use of WEP. I’ve been a proponent for wide open wireless networks in corporations for a few years. I argue that because network compromises are either hit-or-miss with advanced encryption technologies, most hackers default to attacking hosts instead. One of our own testers is known to breach networks that security professionals thought were virtually impenetrable. He didn’t do it by packing a Cray into ...

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