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Does PTS Apply to ATMs? standard

I’m writing (but not publishing…. Come on folks, it’s 2009…) this from 35,000 feet, somewhere over  the north Atlantic, east of Iceland.  What else am I going to do while sitting in a big, metal recycled air tube hurtling over the surface at speeds never meant for man?  Think and write about security, of course! I’m heading back state-side after a great PCI Europe community meeting.  I didn’t get the final count, but the meeting had just north of 200 attendees.  It seemed smaller than last year, but that could have been the seating arrangement.  One of my favorite sessions is always the PCI Standards Feedback and Q&A Sessions.  This year was no different! While the questions in the US ...

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PCI SSC Releases Skimming Prevention Tips standard

Skimming (in the credit card world) is commonly defined as capturing magnetic stripe data during the normal payment process by swiping it through an external (or even inline) device before or after the authorization swipe.  External devices are commonly found in stores where a payment instrument is presented, and someone takes the card away from view to process, like at a restaurant.  Inline skimming occurs where the cardholder is present during the swiping, and usually involves tampered swipe devices. The PCI Security Standards Council recently released an EXCELLENT guide with tips on preventing skimming, with sample forms that you can use to track your progress.  Most of the skimming techniques employed can be addressed with physical inspection, something with which ...

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