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No such file or directory, RVM and Rubies! standard

This is quite a diversion, but it’s something that I want documented and indexed by the G00gles of the world in case someone else has a problem like me. If you are not interested in Ruby, or Rails, or RVM, skip this and will see you later on in the week! I recently had an issue that stumped me (as well as the great folks in the #rvm channel on Freenode). In the process of setting up RVM, I initially made the mistake of doing it as root on a Debian (Squeeze) machine. Cautionary word, you are good playing with the system rubies provided by APT, but if you want to get to the bleeding edge, do all of your ...

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Adventures in Rails standard

It has been quite a while since I did any hardcore coding. Since that time, I have dabbled in various web projects, but programmers who don’t practice tend to get stuck in ruts. Most of the time, I would use my skills to solve small problems using methods and technologies I knew worked. If you want examples of that, go check out Brando Labs. Why do I continually pull tools like Perl, PHP, sed, Bash, and Python out to solve problems? Because I know how they work, and the learning curve to get back into the swing of things is relatively shallow. Back in the Stone days, I ended up taking a week long Java class that had me coding ...

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