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What the Leaked Target PIN Data Actually Means for You standard

Before you read this, consider checking out my first post on the Target breach. Payment systems are complex. If you have ever assessed one or looked under the curtains going all the way back to the issuer, you know this. So it is not a surprise that there is a ton of misinformation flying around about the PIN data that Target admitted was taken. Before we get to far down the road here, I want to review a few items to make sure we’re all on the same page. First, let’s talk about track data. The type of data in the magstripe on the back of your card is sensitive, which is why PCI Requirement 3.2 forbids storing it. I’ve ...

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The End of PIN-Debit for Fuel? standard

PIN-based debit authorization rates have recently increased dramatically, some merchants complaining that their auth rates have increased up to four times their previous rate.  In some armchair research, I learned that Interlink (Visa) and Pulse (Discover) have removed interchange caps on transactions.  For most merchants, it is still cheaper to process a PIN-Based Debit transaction than a credit card transaction (on a per transaction basis), but for others it is about the same.  Or at least the difference in cost is so minimal that their volumes don’t force an advantage one way or the other. Visa is enforcing PIN Entry Device (PED) mandates, effective on July 1, 2010, whereby all PEDs must comply with the PCI PED Standard.  For retailers ...

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