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The Yes/No PCI Assessment standard

Chris Mark over at the PCI Answers blog wrote a fantastic post on The Rise of the Defensive PCI Assessment toward the end of last year.  I read it right after he posted it, and knew that I wanted to add to his thoughts.  It’s taken me about this long to get my thoughts together. I’ve been busy! I totally agree with his assessment, and I have run into some situations where this has come up with other QSAs.  Some QSAs have altered their interpretations (or made them more literal, I should say) because they realized that they were interpreting the standard incorrectly, or they priced the assessments so low to get the business that they can’t afford to understand ...

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Are you passionate about security? standard

People often come up to me and say things like, “Wow, you really are passionate about your work!” Aside from the old “Do what you love, and love what you do” adages our great grandparents regurgitate to us when they see us struggling with some arguably trivial thing in our work lives, passion is something that people can see on you. We’ve all sat through one of those talks at a conference or an association meeting where it is clear that the speaker is just going through the motions. Maybe they are not just reading right off the slides, but you can tell that the only thing they are thinking about is hitting the tables, bar, or airport. Did you ...

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