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Visa Allows Non-US EMV Merchants to forego PCI Assessments standard

Interesting note from Visa yesterday. They have given non-US merchants an escape hatch (Visa Europe’s version is here and differs from the Visa Inc. version in several ways) for validating PCI DSS compliance annually if they meet four specific requirements: The merchant must have validated PCI DSS compliance previously or have submitted to Visa (via their acquirer) a defined remediation plan for achieving compliance based on a gap analysis. Visa Europe provides a separate procedure: Merchant must have: previously satisfied PCI DSS compliance validation by completing milestones 1-4 of the Payment Card Industry’s Prioritised Approach for PCI DSS OR have previously completed milestone 1 of the Payment Card Industry’s Prioritised Approach for PCI DSS and conducted a PCI DSS gap analysis against milestones ...

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