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Apple Pay is Not P2PE, and Does Not Replace PCI Compliance standard

Apple Pay’s announcement two weeks ago caused a flurry of activity—some of it right here on this blog. I had a chance to catch up with someone who is very close to the design of Apple Pay. I was able to get a few questions answered and I wanted to share those answers here with you all. Apple Pay’s NFC uses EMV. EMV is a standard which was implemented in both the chip and contactless variants for payments. It is effectively the first wide-scale system that uses the EMV Token standard released this year. Apple Pay is software that uses the NFC radio built into the iPhone 6/6+. Why did I make this distinction? Each technology (for example, PayWave and ...

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Does Apple Pay Signal the Beginning of the End of PCI? standard

Whether you are a fanboy or not, you have probably seen some news about Apple’s new Apple Pay feature in the iPhone 6. It appears that the sleeping giant of digital wallets is stirring from his slumber. Could this spell the end of PCI DSS for the majority of companies affected by the standard? The last few decades have seen a number of companies attempting to disrupt or revolutionize payments, but like the payment card brands themselves, they battled acceptance. Apple’s new iPhone 6 finally has Near Field Communication (NFC) built into the device, which means it can now interact with contact-less payment card readers. The dream of leaving your house with only your phone is not quite a reality ...

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