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Mountain Lion Troubles and Solutions standard

I’m a techie at heart. This means I want the latest and greatest in my grubby little hands at all times. AT ALL TIMES. Of course, I do have a day job and a wife and kids, so many times I don’t get to have the latest and greatest, or they steal it from me. Mostly the kids. But over the weekend after BlackHat, I took the plunge and upgraded all of my machines to Mountain Lion. If you are going on this quest, there are a few things you should be aware of before you start. You should prepare your Mac before upgrading, This means performing all those mundane tasks you have been avoiding. Lifehacker has a decent post ...

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Upgrading to Snow Leopard (Quicksilver Fix!) standard

Moments ago, I did the upgrade… to Snow Leopard!  I did this on my laptop first, leaving my desktop out of the picture until I have worked through the process and kinks.  This post will serve as my notes, plus assisting you, on some of the good and bad. First, have you cleaned up your mac?  Before you even think about upgrading, there are a few tasks you should do—like backing up and simple maintenance tasks.  LifeHacker has a GREAT post on this, so before you even think about starting, follow their guide to making a sluggish mac more snappy. That is simply one of the steps in their larger guide to preparing your mac for the Snow Leopard Upgrade.  ...

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