Postini was a technology darling in the mid-2000s that sold email filtering technology as a service to companies struggling to combat the onslaught of SPAM and malicious emails that were sprayed at corporate inboxes. For small companies or small footprints, the price was right as well. $1/user/month translated to super cheap filtering with a nice web interface to boot.

Doctor Tom Saves the Day, by Murray Barnes

Google thought so highly of the technology that they paid $625M in cash in 2007 for the company, which was absorbed into Google Apps over time. Those of us legacy Postini users were drug along for a time as the service continued to dwindle in quality and usability, culminating in a complete shutdown and forced migration in December. Google handled the transition quite poorly, and several companies found out they had not followed the required steps to get on-boarded to G-Suite properly resulting in bounced emails.

Google also increased the price six-fold in December—another poorly communicated hike. For me, the straw that broke the camel’s back was when they disabled web access to your quarantine queue. The support available to users is pretty awful, usually a chat session where the remote agent refers to standard articles that don’t really answer the questions posed.

After an hour long chat session that essentially went nowhere, I ended up looking for alternatives. I ended up calling Vircom and chatted with one of their reps about their modusCloud product. I was set up with an account within minutes, and had myself up and running within a couple of hours. The best part? modusCloud is a white-labeled version of Proofpoint (pretty much the gold standard for email filtering these days)!

I was able to get a better price point with a TON more features. And the best part, I get to play in the global Proofpoint threat protection scheme that many of the biggest companies in the world leverage.

So if you are one of the thousands of folks that Google orphaned with their Postini conversion, give the folks at Vircom a call. You will be absolutely delighted with their service!

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