Apple Pay via Touch ID

Apple Pay via Touch ID

12:01 hits and I hit my Software Update menu item to see if I can snag me some Apple Pay, and BAM! There it is! 20 minutes later, I am ready to go with iOS 8.1. Here are a few notes for those of you who may be using it as well.

  • Apple Pay is a part of Passbook, and acts like any other Passbook integration. You can open Passbook and add ONE card, but any additional cards must be added under Settings -> Passbook & Apple Pay.
  • For each card that is enrolled, you may be asked to validate your identity. Make sure that your banks have current email addresses and phone numbers for you. They will send you confirmation codes to enter.
  • Cards that are NOT embossed (many of the Chase cards are now like this), you will not be able to take a picture of the card to recognize the digits. Those will need to be entered manually.
  • Apparently, each bank has separate T&Cs that you need to agree to. South Park has covered this phenomena before.
  • Have Passbook open to the card you want to use as you are checking out. The terminal will signal to your phone that it is ready to pay, and you will see a prompt for you to pay via TouchID.
  • Just because a terminal is set up for contactless (NFC) payment DOES NOT MEAN that the transaction will go. I tried one of my cards and the terminal rejected the payment, simply stating that my card was not configured for contactless payments.
  • You can see the last four digits of your EMV token in the card settings, but I could not figure a way to see the whole token with a couple of seconds of tinkering.

So there you go! Have you had any success or failure stores? If so, post them in the comments!

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