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The Gotchas of EMV for the US Consumer standard

Update Nov 4, 2013: I was in the UK last week and it looks like the Underground has fixed their terminals to allow the use of the chip at a UPT! This is great news. My guess is there is some upper limit to what can be accepted without signature and it is now implemented. Some of you may know that I spent a little over a week on vacation with my wife traipsing through Europe this month. And even though I was constantly yelled at for walking too fast or running to check out some grey squirrel (they are tan here in the US), we had a fabulous time. We had a few hitches in our travels as any ...

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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Vatican standard

As a global traveler, I tend to be subject to more than anyone’s fair share of security checks. This means that I am ready for them, and also tend to find patterns in things. For example, if you are in a domestic US airport (where security is TSA, not private), you don’t have to take your liquids out. I have been putting them in the top pocket of my roll aboard for years now and have only been stopped in Bozeman, MT (private security), where all the bad guys go. But try that same trick through London Heathrow, and you are guaranteed a 15-45 minute delay. I visited the Vatican on Saturday, and thought the security was peculiar. For example, ...

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