Big Data Transforms Security Analytics

Last week RSA launched their new Security Analytics product that combines a number of capabilities required by today’s security operations professional into one platform. If you have not checked this out, go here to see Art Coviello’s video announcement and check out the virtual kickoff here. Once you see the demo, you will be THRILLED to see what the future of information security tools can be.

But don’t believe them, check out what these folks have to say!

  • “The sophistication of advanced attacks and the associated malware is growing every day testing the limitations of existing security analytics tools. The Big Data phenomenon could help address this situation for security professionals making it important for organizations to rethink their choice of security solutions. Marrying intelligence-driven security with Big Data analytics has the potential to help enterprises address the complex problem of advanced threats and thus meet a significant need in the marketplace.” – Jon Oltsik, Senior Principal Analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group
  • “Many security analysts and practitioners say that the need for such tools is growing. They are convinced that unless there’s a better way for security organizations to ingest and analyze the gigabytes and even terabytes worth of security log and network event data generated daily inside companies, there’s no way to fight emerging threats.” – Jaikumar Vijayan, Computerworld
  • “Of these four [RSA, HP, IBM, Splunk], EMC’s RSA Division excels in two areas where its competitors face significant challenges: the NetWitness investigative platform, and Archer for security and compliance management. RSA also has a well-developed portfolio of anti-fraud solutions that appeal to banks and financial services – now augmented with Silver Tail defenses for applying analytic techniques to fraud or application abuse detection in real time.” – Scott Crawford, RiskRecon: Navigating Security and Risk

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