I’m too tall to even come close to pulling off Joe Pesci. So just think about the scene in Goodfellas where Tommy DeVito is pulling Henry Hill’s leg in the restaurant.

How am I funny?!

Anyway, if you are looking at my blog and you see a little badge on the upper right with a link to the Social Security Award and are wondering what that funny business is, I’ll tell ya! The Security Blogger Meet-Up at RSA is coming soon, and they are going to have some awards this year! There are five awards that will be given out. They are:

  • Best Security Podcast – Who is the voice you listen to week after week?
  • Best Technical Security Blog – Who is digging deeper than anyone else?
  • Best Corporate Security Blog – Which vendor’s contributing the most to the blogosphere?
  • Best Non-Technical Security Blog – Who’s got the best 30,000 view?
  • Most Entertaining Security Blog – Who keeps you riveted? Or who makes you laugh?

So, if you think I am funny, follow the directions at http://www.socialsecurityawards.com/ and tell them! Or if you think I am totally un-funny, tell them that too! You don’t have to vote for every category, but if you have the time and can think of a blogger to put in every one, consider throwing that blogger a virtual bone by voting for him or her!

This post originally appeared on BrandenWilliams.com.

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