What a confusing time it is for me those of us who just like sitting around all day and poking at the interweb through a browser. We have a rather nasty 0-Day exploit for Internet Explorer roaming around, and Mozilla Firefox makes Bit9’s list as one of the most vulnerable applications in 2008 (surprisingly, IE is not on there).

The Internet Explorer 0-Day is so bad that some experts are urging users to switch to another browser. Naturally, the first choice for a number of users would be Firefox. But now Bit9 has released this telling report saying that it was one of the most vulnerable apps in 2008.

So where do you turn? Well, the list is not the prettiest. You could go with Chrome, but then you read the EULA. You could try Opera or Safari, but both have also seen major security vulnerabilities this year.

Maybe it’s just time to punch out for 2008?

This post originally appeared on BrandenWilliams.com.

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