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Breach got you down? standard

Well, it has happened again. I received a rather menacing looking note in the mail today. You know, one of those heavy stock sealed letters that has the perforated edges? Yeah. That kind. Inside it looks like my information is on a lost tape from a bank. The funny thing is, I don’t remember banking with this institution… ever. I have a feeling that one of the brokerage firms I use (or used) was backed by this institution, but nevertheless, I thought of an interesting type of phishing attack that I bet would work. When I looked through this notice, it did appear to have a corresponding breach on I have already placed my fraud alerts, so I should ...

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PIN Security finally catching up? standard

Wired reports that a Citibank hack may be responsible for a recent ATM crime spree. Edit: Looks like some arrests have been made! I’ve discussed issues around hacking ATMs and challenges with skimming in the past, but this one appeared to be pretty lucrative. While bank networks are not impenetrable, attacking endpoints is becoming much easier and more lucrative. Anyone remember the old days when you had to make sure the ATM you were going to use was real? Speaking of that… Ladies, you should beware of this. Something of interest to me… As a consumer, do you check your bank statement with all of your receipts? Would you know if money started disappearing from your account in $10-$30 increments? ...

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