With numerous retailers putting offers both online and in the store, how many of you are making the rush? Maybe because I can remember hitting the mall VERY EARLY in the morning on Black Friday as a kiddo I have never taken part in this. We also have family things going on that day, so it makes it a little bit harder.

My advice to retailers, watch out. As we saw back in July, cards stolen in the TJX breach this year could likely be used on the busiest day of the year. Many years ago, I worked retail and learned to dread the day after Thanksgiving. Even on our busiest times, you could at least walk through the store without having to physically move people out of the way.

With pressure mounting on retailers to deliver big numbers, will they not take a second look at a credit card to help push people through the line? One of the greatest times to use social engineering is when your mark is super busy, and overly distracted. I predict that retailers will see higher amounts of fraud this year for card-present transactions (noting of course that my 2.5 year old son is beating me in the NFL football pool this year, so take my prediction with a grain of salt or two).

And finally, I hope you all have an excellent holiday!

This post originally appeared on BrandenWilliams.com.

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