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Corporate Survival Tips for Young Professionals: Finding Information standard

This tip may be less for the newbies, but I’m shocked at how poor people are at using the tools around them to find information. Your first step should be taking a look at how to use Google. I mean, REALLY how to use Google. Google is great because it can cast both a wide net and be tweaked to surgically deliver a single finding. It incorporates multiple sources (for example, did you know about the treasure trove of information to be found on books.google.com or scholar.google.com?) and allows for all kinds of detailed views and alerts when it finds new things. There is an entire science in the security space on Google hacking, or leveraging Google to find information ...

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Corporate Survival Tips for Young Professionals: Using Email standard

Now that we’ve discussed how to organize your email and deal with the senders, we need to discuss the softer side of choosing your communication medium. Email is a crutch when it comes to communication. It’s easy to use, plus you can fit in all the snarky comments that you will kick yourself later for not saying. It’s so easy that it causes problems. Email is not the panacea for human communication, and I’m not just playing the part of the old guy that misses giving his paper check to Dottie, the friendly bank teller who gossips a little bit too much. Raymond A. Friedman and Steven C. Currall researched how email can actually escalate conflicts in ways that wouldn’t ...

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