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Guest Post: Virtualization Makes Everything Easier – Including Burning Bridges standard

The following guest post was provided by Richard Rees, CISSP, a Practice Manager for EMC Consulting’s Virtualization Security and Cloud Trust group. Email him here. The best thing about computers is they do exactly what you tell them to do, very quickly.  However, the worst thing about computers is that they only do exactly what you tell them to do.  I’m still waiting for an OS that contains DWIM code (Do What I Mean) without the evil of Clippy.  Virtualization is the same thing – except even faster over a larger scale.  Instead of computers needing DWIM capability, entire data centers need them.  This applies to security as well – the traditional problems of security in a data center exist in ...

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Mixed Mode and PCI DSS 2.0 standard

One way to get the spidey sense of a savvy security professional tingling is to mention the use of “Mixed Mode” virtualization in some kind of IT initiative related to compliance. Companies are trying to figure out how to build security into their virtualized environments in a way that will cover themselves from both a security and compliance perspective, and the industry in general is quite divided over this issue. Mixed mode, in the context of this post, is a term used to describe a virtual infrastructure that hosts both guests with PCI DSS data on them, and those without. Before we delve into the issues associated with the security concerns here, let’s levelset. PCI DSS, in it’s purest sense, is ...

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Pushing Virtualization to the Store standard

One of the key areas that stands to benefit from wide adoption of virtualization is the retail store front.   It’s an expensive road to get there, but would be a long-term benefit to retail. Why is it expensive?  For one, you have the problem of scale.  It’s difficult to stomach an investment that requires touching all of your stores.  The long term benefits can be substantial depending on how you approach it. If you touch all of your stores ONCE with an upgraded, beefy machine that can run a hypervisor, you can continue to stand up and offer new services for quite some time without physically touching your stores.  This can be a huge benefit for companies looking to roll ...

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