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Views on Application Security standard

I had an interesting conversation with a client the other day, and while shocking at first, it made a ton of sense long term when looking at how to apply security controls to assets based on risk.  I’ve blogged and written about things like this in the past, but the concept was interwoven as a theme to a different concept, or all together buried under links to YouTube. The conversation was with a customer that wanted to put out a small informational site in support of a minor product feature, but also wanted to have the ability to dynamically update content through a web browser from anywhere in the world as he and some of his less technical staff thought ...

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Too Much Process, the Corporate Lobotomy standard

Process is a good thing. Some corporate citizens might disagree with that basic statement based on conversations like the following: “You mean I have to go to some website to enter a request for paper clips, and then someone in another office can just reject it because they want to?” Sometimes it doesn’t work.  When you are in situations like this, remember this little saying from a very wise man: “Don’t confuse logic with the process.” Process in other examples can be a really good thing.  Consider the actions you might take to promote code from a test or Q/A environment into production.  The steps you take to do this should be the same every time, and any deviation from ...

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