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Collateral Damage is One Click Away standard

Social engineering is now recognized as one of the top threats to enterprise security. I think we all have had side conversations with security leaders inside companies validating this concept for years, but not until recently have we seen it pass other threats in such a public forum. Those same security leaders have struggled with mitigating the threat because they instinctively jump to a Draconian view of information security policy enforcement as the only solution. It certainly would be effective in some ways, but morale would plummet and the creative technophiles would find ways to free themselves from such Athenian legislation. The irony is that many of these controls are not only designed to protect our information assets, but also ...

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Where is your Chaos Monkey? standard

Netflix has been in the news quite a bit lately. Regardless of the side you pick on this first world problem, there is something really neat that they do that I wanted to share with a larger audience. If you read Harvard Business Review, you already know what I am talking about. Andrew McAfee published an article entitled “What Every CEO Need to Know About the Cloud.” In this basic primer for business folks, McAfee describes something that Netflix created called the Chaos Monkey, a process largely credited for preparing the company to weather the Amazon ECC outage with minimal issues of their own while others, like Foursquare, experienced problems for days. McAfee talks about this in the section of ...

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Transformational Security standard

It seems like the industry always says things like, “the traditional way of securing things simply doesn’t work anymore.” I’ve been doing security for many years now, and we’re always behind. Even today in a landscape of targeted, advanced threats, we are too far behind the bad guys and are struggling to catch up. Those of you that have been reading my blog lately may have noticed that I finally made good on my promise to talk more than just PCI DSS. Payment security is something that I am passionate about, but I love some of the new things I am being exposed to and that means that I get to share them with you as well. It’s part of ...

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