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Don’t Listen to this ConsumerReports Advice standard

Lifehacker recently posted something from ConsumerReports where an author suggested asking a hotel manager for their [PCI DSS] Attestation of Compliance. Asking someone for an AoC is en exercise in futility. There is one piece of advice that is good (use credit not debit), but the constructs of asking for an AoC is really not good advice. There are a number of reasons for this. Many hotels with your favorite brands are actually smaller properties owned and operated by individual owners. Even if they have an AoC, it’s probably done from the perspective of a Self Assessment Questionnaire which does not require a third party to review. I promise you that the vast majority of front desk clerks and managers ...

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Hospitality Still in the Crosshairs standard

With all the news and information we are pummeled with daily, it’s hard to ignore the significance of cyber security and its role in protecting enterprises and individuals. It’s even pretty easy to ignore until it happens to you. I have written and spoken about the challenges in the hospitality industry before, and they remain a big target for a few big reasons. Many hotels, even ones with a big-brand name on the facade, are owned and operated by individual companies and investors. Joe’s Hotel Group buys the building, hires the employees, and plugs into GiantHotelChain’s reservation and reward system. Many hotels are wide-reaching properties where everywhere you go you have an opportunity to perform a transaction (pay TV, internet, ...

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