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Ask the Council standard

Vegas is in the books, baby!  I’d call it a successful community meeting.  The networking opportunities were fantastic, and the sights were awesome ((including seeing Russo dress up like Elvis which I did not take a picture of… see Bob? I can play within the rules :).  More on the handling of social media later…. it was not handled well.)).  For those staying in THEhotel, we got to walk off calories consumed with the long walk from the room to the conference center that we made at least twice daily.  Of course, it is Las Vegas.  It’s REALLY hard to concentrate when you know that you don’t have to walk far to be bombarded by flashing lights, bells, whistles, and ...

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Why You Should Love a PCI Hater! standard

Ahh, the haters.  Everyone that deals with PCI on a regular basis knows one.  Sometimes they take the form of a guy that doesn’t want to actually do his job, or an armchair security gal, or your nemesis that uses his industry position to irresponsibly spread false propaganda, or true security experts that point out serious concerns or flaws with the standard.  As security professionals, we key stakeholders (including QSAs, ASVs, payment brands, and the framers of the standard itself) need to listen to the last group intently to ensure that we understand the risks as it pertains to the changing threat landscape, making adjustments where appropriate to protect the data entrusted to us. PCI haters are valuable people.  By ...

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