Today the Security for Business Innovation Council (SBIC) released their 2013 Trends Report which is chocked full of lots of great stuff for security professionals to consider as they begin to tackle the challenges this year will bring. While this report is not like anything the SBIC has released in the past, the four key findings are quite compelling and true to much of what my mission has been over the last several years. They are:

  • Boost risk and business skills. Readers of my column (which has not been updated here in a while, but will be soon) know that the security professional that understands how the business works will be much more effective in adding value to his position and to the company. We’ve moved beyond the line of separation between IT and Business, yet many security professionals try to do their jobs without an understanding of either.
  • Middle-management outreach. Often times security professionals push policy into the organization without explanation or even input from the folks ultimately impacted by the change. This has to change to ensure that the policy is followed.
  • Supply-chain issues. This applies both for the informational supply chain as well as for the actual movement of goods (which is often coordinated electronically).
  • Build and act upon tech savvy action plans. Security professionals face many disruptive technologies, and instead of shunning or ignoring them, we must enable them to work safely in our companies.

Go check out the report and see this video of EMC’s CSO discussing some of the key findings.

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