The Book Cover!

We’re getting REALLY close.  All of the content is in, and the publisher is working toward production!  Anton & I have worked hard to bring you the most technically accurate and useful reference book to carry with you during all of your PCI DSS efforts.  You will notice that the book reads much better than the first edition, and we’ve included some GREAT case studies for you!

Well, I think they are great anyway; I wrote almost all of them.  That was my favorite part of this process—writing the case studies.  In fact, I had to put off all case study writing to the end of each chapter and use it as my motivator to get through all of the content!

All in all, about 80% of the material in this book (maybe even more, just an estimate) is NEW.  Some of the larger chapters contain more than 15,000 words, while the smaller ones are under 4,000. Regardless, we’ve worked hard to make sure that your reading experience with this edition leaves you thinking about how to apply our teachings to your environment, and laughing a little bit along the way.

We’re working on a website, but it’s SUPER secret right now.  If you have suggestions for what you might like to see in the site that supports the book, please leave them in the comments field below.  We’ll also have a couple of contests with prizes for our readers!  But more on all of that LATER!

The book is scheduled to release on December 15, 2009, but pre-order now to ensure you get your copy quickly!  I believe there will also be a Kindle edition, so watch for that!

Click here to see the book listed in Elsevier’s catalog, and then on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (the typos in the online stores are corrected in the catalog, and should be corrected on the other sites soon).

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