Look out merchants, there is a sneaky omission to PCI v1.2 that does not seem to be making any headlines, and I’m wondering if this will just fly under the radar until someone like me stands up and points it out. All the discussion thus far has been around Anti-Virus, Network Segmentation (or lack of a requirement for), WEP, and firewall rules having a six month review (vs. quarterly). But, does anyone remember this little tidbit from the PCI v1.1 when trying to determine the scope of a PCI Assessment?

Any data repositories outside of the authorization and settlement environment where more than 500 thousand account numbers are stored [are in scope].

I’ve heard that this little loophole has saved many merchants from fines simply because they were able to take some non-compliant processes and get them under this threshold. Don’t get me wrong, merchants would be liable for a breach if those non-compliant processes were linked to a breach, but anything below this threshold would technically not be material enough to show up in a Report on Compliance generated by a QSA.

Well, that whole provision is GONE from PCI v1.2. This means that merchants and service providers (small service providers could get hit hard with this) will have to do a better job of 1) defining where their data is, and 2) making those repositories compliant as they could be subject to the review of a QSA. Based on my interaction with customers, I think this is one of the more significant (if not the most significant) changes in the standard that people should worry about.

What do you think?

If you are worried about it, don’t forget to ask a VeriSign consultant about our Data Discovery service that can help you map out all of this data (and other non-PCI data) across your enterprise.

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