Uh oh, look out world, here comes some new fangled technology!

Well, not that new.

But VERY new for the PCI Industry! The PCI-SSC has put RSS on their website! They now have a feed for News & Events which can be picked up at https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/pcissc_news.xml.

The card associations that make up the PCI-SSC should take note. Currently, the preferred method of communication for all five members is reviewing their security websites. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to see what changes unless some kind of alert is posted (and one association actually changed the URL that is listed in the QSA training we receive without a forward). VeriSign suggested RSS a while back as a good way to keep people informed to changes in the program. Hopefully the power of RSS will be addicting, and all the associations will start pushing updates that way.

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This post originally appeared on BrandenWilliams.com.

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